Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prior To The Second Week of September

FRIDAY I've got enough references now that I shouldn't have the need to go through the never-ending pages of buildings and roads seen at the few large skyscraper discussion boards. Flickr turned out not to be as reliable as I hoped for pictures of offices, shopping centers, homes and so on. They have more of an emphasis on artistic shots than any interest in urbanity. Their search engine might be adding to the difficulty with finding relevant pictures. On the contrary, they've got quite a lot of great pictures featuring larger structures like convention centers and malls, which are definitely worth checking out. Thanks skyscraper forums and Flickr!

SATURDAY Parking lots were low priority when making the first block, which contained apartments, but now it's something that requires attention. All space needs to be used in this block. Due to the odd dimensions in between the apartment units, this gave room for a larger park where parking couldn't be used. The main road north along the right side of the apartments now features an appealing landscape.

SUNDAY Having sidewalks weave through landscape, instead of strictly bordering road helps distance pedestrians from traffic which increases safety for walkway users, discourages misuse of the walkway, and provides an appealing addition to the area in which it's laid. A real-world con to this sidewalk would be space, having many of these more decorative sidewalks will take more land in a city. Fortunately, the only matter for a virtual city is aesthetics.

The weaving sidewalk would provide pedestrian access like any regular walkway bordering road, with a few differences. For now, the district will feature two kinds of sidewalk, one weaving through either grass or dirt along side road, or a weaving sidewalk alongside another sidewalk attached to road. As this city is more devoted to being scenic than functionality, I'll go ahead and completely avoid typical road & sidewalk paths as much contiguous concrete leads to concrete sickness

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